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forzazzurri's Journal

Gli Azzurri
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forzazzurri is a community created for the fans of Italy's national football team. All are welcome to post and share (news, discussions, images, etc.), but before doing so, please make sure you read the rules:

• Be respectful. Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion, but rude and offensive remarks are not welcome.

• An LJ-cut will need to be used if posting multiple images (or those larger than 340px in width), YouTube videos, or lengthy text.

• Along with putting YouTube videos under an LJ-cut, a link (to the video) must be provided as well.

• LJ-cut code: <*lj-cut text="textgoeshere"> ... (remember to remove the *)

• Please do not hotlink images. Photos can be uploaded to image-hosting sites: TinyPic, ImageShack, Photobucket, etc.

• Off topic posts, or those requesting icons/layouts/etc. will be deleted. Failure to adhere by the rules, may also result in post deletion.

• Questions or suggestions? You can contact us through: forzazzurri@live.ca.

• Most importantly, have fun and enjoy!

Important Links:
Video List
Introductions Post
forzazzurri's Photobucket account. (password)


If you have a football-related community and would like to become affiliates, please comment on this post. (If you're a member of the community and would like to make a post promoting your community, that is fine).